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I have this weird Headcanon that Koishi tried closing her third eye to see if she would become blind, but when she did it, she could not open it again. Sadly, her sister could not help her, so Koishi started going place by place to see if anyone could help her.

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Touhou drove me away from suicide. Back about 3 years ago I fell into a horrid depression period. And at that time I lost loved ones, lost myself, and lost interest in everything. And the same week I started planning my end. I opened up a Touhou game, just to give myself my last go at my favorite game. It was PCB. I ended up getting to Yuyuko. And then I got to her revival spell. It made me reconsider everything. It made me rethink. Don’t let your soul go ink black. And I’m still here today.

Oct. 20th, 2014 - 8 hours ago - Reblog - 27 Notes

Honestly, I think Remi and Flan are so freaking cute together that it’s got to the point of me shipping it, and I’m not afraid to say I love RemiFlan, even if most of the fandom thinks it’s sick and wrong. I know it’s incest and all, but still. THEY’RE ADORBS, MAN.

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